Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ganyard Hill Farm, 2010

Year 3 of Ganyard Hill Farm for the Herman Family!

Prepping for this post, I looked back at my blogs from the last 2 years (have I really been blogging that long?!?). The first year, 2008, you could tell that both 1) I had a newborn and 2) my blogging days were new. I only took a handful of pictures, and I uploaded them very small. I'd like to think I've gotten better at this (or more addicted to pictures, at least!). But it's pretty funny to see Ivie's head barely sticking above the hay maze that year, compared to how she ran through it this year.

Then, from 2009, the changes in Macie over the last year are incredible! I don't even really think she looks like the same kid! And I wish I could say that it was a "brisk fall day", like a year ago this weekend, but it wasn't. It was downright HOT. 85 degrees here today did not make the hay ride a comfortable experience.

Alright, from the top.

First came the "bumpy slide", as Ivie called it.

Then Ivie worked hard to de-cob (I know there must be a real word for this, but I'm too lazy to look it up) some corn kernels...

... so she and Macie could feed it to the goats.

Ivie was into it more than Mac, who preferred at first to just stand and watch from the distance...

... but she finally built up her courage.

Then we headed into the patch to find the very best four pumpkins to take home.

Then, while I took our pumpkins to the car (utilizing the stroller, of course!), Dale took the girls to the "corn crib". Ivie liked trudging through all the corn. Macie? Not so much. She just sat on the side rail and watched, plucking corn out from between her toes every so often.

After the corn crib, Ivie was off to run through the hay maze...

... while Macie climbed up the play set and went down the slide, again and again. (There's just something that I love about these close-ups with her looking through the slats of the ladder.)

The girls really weren't too excited about the hay ride, but when we suggested leaving instead, they suddenly changed their minds. Like I said earlier, it turned out to be really hot and not so thrilling. Macie was clearly tired. See?

After the hay ride, before we left for lunch at Subway, we stopped for a few photo opp's out front.

Stay tuned for Round #3 from Hill Ridge Farms next weekend with the Devers. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

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