Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tar Heel Town 2010, Week 2

Back to Tar Heel Town at lunchtime again today, since another 3:30p game time was on tap. Dale returns later tonight from a 4-day work trip to Atlanta, so I took the girls solo. We were certainly sorry Daddy wasn't with us, but we managed just fine! And I didn't lose our car key, so that was a huge plus.

Our first stop, again, was the face painting station. And the little girl before Ivie got a full-face butterfly. Bet you can guess what Ivie wanted... Macie wouldn't have been able to sit still long enough, so we went with the basic Tar Heel foot again for her.

We then stumbled upon the Tar Heel Gymnastics team's tent. There, we got hand/face tattoos, and were even able to pose for a picture with the team! You never know, Iv, keep up those classes and you might be a Tar Heel gymnast some day!

I think my comment about the lack of jump houses last week got through to someone in charge, because this week, there was both a bounce house AND the big slide! The girls were ecstatic. In fact, they were bouncing away when the Old Well Walk began, so I had to watch the team from afar.

The mini-slide in the bounce house was Iv's favorite part. Here's why...

After the bounce house, we had to stand in line for the slide. It was conveniently located next to the blow-up jersey, so I took about 20 pictures in an attempt to get one good one (trying to find a picture to blow up and hang in my office). I think I MIGHT have gotten a winner. It's not perfect, by any stretch, but does anyone think I will actually get a perfect picture when dealing with a 4 and a 2 year old? Me neither. So I'm just aiming for a "real" shot with two smiling and looking-at-the-camera girls. This one fits the bill!

Didn't get any slide pictures, because, well, I was on the slide with Mac! Let me tell you. climbing up that thing while carrying a nearly 30-pounder and hoping like crazy you don't fall backward is no easy feat. It's a good thing I'm not any more than 11 weeks prego, or it might have been impossible! But we made it, and word has it that Macie had a pretty big smile on her face as we came down the slide. So, success.

So that was our day in pictures. Looks like our next (and maybe last?) opportunity for Tar Heel Town will be November 13th... Looking forward to it already!

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