Wednesday, October 27, 2010

School Pictures: Fall, 2010

Another round of school pictures have arrived, just in time for me to take the Schaeperkoetter allotment home on our Halloween trip. Perfect timing, and it saves me some postage!

Let's start off with Ivie's solo picture this year. She's looking a little "high in the sky", and the hair bow just barely matches a couple of the flowers on her shirt, but, other than that, it's pretty cute. She's as smiley and cooperative as usual. Must be nice to be photogenic.

Before the picture, a bit about the hair bow fiasco... I had one in Macie's hair for the pictures, but didn't have one that matched Iv's outfit (not surprising when you only have twelve bows that came in a set). And, since I didn't make this realization until the morning of pictures, it was too late to place a frantic call to Brooke, since I'm sure she probably has ten bows that would have matched perfectly. So I tried to get away with just a little ponytail and no bow for Iv, but she wasn't having any of it, determined to have a bow like Macie. So I found the one that matched the best. Dale, being the fashion-conscious adult in our home, expressed his adamant disapproval. Ivie won out, since, at this age, it doesn't really matter that I used a "spring-y" bow for a fall picture, right? Especially for those of you that know me and know that I really could care less about hairstyles (and it shows, since I've worn a ponytail myself every day since, well, the middle of July). So, sadly, the trend has carried over to my concern (or lack thereof) over the girls' hair. Oh well. Iv was happy with the bow, so we drove on.

Fall, 2010
(Ivie, 4 1/2 yrs)

And here's Macie. I sure am glad that the bow that caused all the morning problems actually stayed in her hair until it was time for her picture session...

Fall, 2010
(Macie, 2 yrs)

Wait! You don't see it either? Where did it go? Why did the photographer crop out the stinkin' hair bow?!? You mean she didn't? Macie just wouldn't keep it in her hair?!? Unbelievable. Not really. We're still going through "the stage" that I spoke of LAST picture round.

Anyway, I promise her hair looked much cuter and a lot less lopsided when she actually had the bow in her hair at home that morning. Bummer - at least she's smiling!

Finally, the duo picture. Which I just love. I actually had to choose between this one and another slightly-altered pose (couldn't justify buying the extra 2 sheets!). While the other picture had them holding hands (way beyond cute), I couldn't get over Macie's smile in this one. It's just HER, wrapped up in a dimple-flaunting, simply adorable, nutshell.

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