Monday, October 25, 2010

Bennett's Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago, Macie attended her second birthday party for a friend from her class at school. This one was for Bennett. Dale took her to the party, so that I could stay home with Ivie and nap. (Ahhhhh, thanks, Sweetie!)

Bennett's mom, Lisa, was kind enough to email me some pictures from the party. So I thought I'd share them on here. Cupcake face and all.

Two funny things about Macie, post-birthday party.

1) It's been 9 days since the party. And still, any time she sees a cake or hears someone talking about a birthday, she starts singing "Happy birthday to Bennett..." So I have a feeling it will continue to be Bennett's birthday until she attends another party and gets to sing to someone else!

2) When she got home, I asked Macie if Bennett was her boyfriend. She looked at me, with no hesitation, and said, "No". I asked her why not, and she said "Bite". I cracked up laughing. Apparently Macie remembers that Bennett was generally the culprit of the biting episodes before Macie moved up to the 2's at school. Can't be her boyfriend if you're going to bite, Bennett. Let that be a lesson to you for the future, young man!

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