Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hill Ridge Farms

Last Sunday, we took our annual trek with the Devers to a pumpkin patch. This year, though, we stepped it up a notch and drove a little farther (though it turned out to only be 40 minutes, so not bad) to Hill Ridge Farms.

And we're so glad we did! In our opinion, it was a step up, at least entertainment-wise, from Ganyard Hill Farm. (But the pumpkin selection were better at Ganyard!)

We started at the swings, which proved to be difficult to drag Macie away from, even though we swing in our own backyard all the time.

Then it was off to the BIG SLIDE, which I would say is the highlight of the farm. Macie, our scaredy-cat (sorry when you read this someday, Mac, but it's so true right now), decided she would rather sit and watch and munch on a mid-morning snack.

Ivie, on the other hand, was all about the slide. She went first by herself, but then we told her that it would be much faster if she went with her daddy. So she did, it was, and she was thrilled. See?

After the slide, we headed to the train. It was full when we arrived, so we had to wait for the next run...

...but then we got our pick of the seats, and chose the caboose.

I loved the faces and pictures they had painted on some hay bales along the track.

After the train, came the pony rides. Iv's a pro by now, and Macie did well with Daddy walking alongside.

Then Ivie had to participate in the duck races. And, of course, so did Macie.

Next came the barn full of hay. That had a formal name that I can't remember. Suffice it to say that it was a bunch of hay that was perfect for jumping and flopping.

And, finally, we were off on a hayride that would take us to pick out our pumpkins!

After we got our pumpkins, Dale walked them back to the car (with Ivie tagging along), and Macie and I caught the hayride back. And when I glanced over at her during the trip, I saw this...

... which she had obviously learned from her daddy. I started to say "Yuck, Mac!" and take it out, but then I thought better of it. Because it's not every day that you're on a hayride with a perfectly good piece of straw on which to chew. Might as well just roll with it, right?

It was another perfect fall day spent with great friends.

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