Sunday, October 31, 2010

Olivia's 5th Birthday

Yesterday, we celebrated Olivia's fifth birthday! Her actual birthday isn't until November 9th, but Sarah and Tony decided to have her party a little early. I'm going to tell myself it was so that we could be here to celebrate with them!

We couldn't have had better weather. Bright sunny skies, upper 60's, with a "slight" breeze (that unfortunately kept the candles from staying lit long enough for O to blow them out!). They had the party at Riverside Park, and once all the girls had arrived, we took a minute to grab a quick group photo (or 12). This one actually has all the girls looking at the camera and at least partly smiling...

We then headed over to the playground for some swinging, sliding, hanging, and jumping.

After 30 minutes of playing, it was back to our picnic tables for the birthday crafts and games.

First came create-your-own-crown, using stickers and crayons.

Next up was "Pin the Tiara on the Princess".

After the crafts and games, it was time for CUPCAKES!!! Complete with homemade icing by Sarah. She's my hero!

And then came presents!!!

As the party wrapped up, we headed back to the playground for a little more swinging. And Scott, my brother, decided it was time for some "posing" while jumping off the swing. He'd be upset if I didn't include these, so here you go. Complete with one at the end of Brayden trying to be like his dad...

Happy birthday, Olivia! We're so happy we were here to celebrate with you!

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