Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day with Mommy

Apparently Macie was interested in spending the majority of her day with Mommy today. Because she woke up at 1:30a with a fever, and proceeded to hang out with me on-and-off for the next couple of hours, until we both finally fell back to sleep in our respective beds at 3:15a. I wasn't surprised by the fever, since she'd been feeling a bit warm to Dale and me the last couple of days, along with being a bit grumpy and not having much of an appetite.

We just got back from the doctor's office. The good news, and the bad news at the same time, is that it isn't an ear infection. The doctor said she has "2 beautiful ears." That might be the first time I've ever heard that phrase. So she's not following in her sister's footsteps when it comes to bum ears. But we also can't give her antibiotics and have her feeling better in a jiffy. So we'll just wait it out, as the doctor said it could be a very mild case of the flu (she said it wasn't even severe enough to test for it, since their flu tests aren't really very good this year), or it might just be a virus that we have to wait out.

Anyway, once I got alternating rounds of Motrin and Tylenol in her this morning, she started acting more peppy. So I shot this video of her. You'll note that everything is a push toy to Macie now, regardless of its intended purpose. Which is entirely fine, as long as it cooperates and lets her walk. The music table in the video? Perfectly fine. The little chairs that go with Ivie's kitchen table? Not so great. Can't even count the number of times she's pulled them back on herself and fallen over backwards, with the chair landing on top of her. OUCH!

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