Friday, July 17, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 30: Alphabet School Bus

Ivie loves to sing her ABC's. And her Sesame Street School Bus provides the music, sung by Elmo, for her to do it, over, and over, and over again.

Another great learning feature of this toy is that there is a game on it where you try to guess what letter various words start with. We've had the bus in the car with us a lot lately, so, while driving, I try to help Ivie learn what letters the words start with, without being able to actually point to the letter. We've discovered some tricks, such as the following:

1) "Ice Cream" is the word for the letter I. Obviously Ivie knows what letter HER name starts with, so this is an easy one.

2) "Monster" is the word for "Macie's letter".

3) "Dog" and "Daisy" are words for "Daddy's letter".

4) "Apple" is the word for "Mommy's letter".

5) "Wagon" is the word for "Macie's letter upside down". (I know, really stretching on that one - I was driving, for goodness sake!)

5) Apparently Ivie also knows the letters that start her friends' names at school, which is how she's able to identify "Violin" (Violet's letter) and "School" (Samuel's letter).

So slowly but surely, she's learning the alphabet...

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