Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Need Water!

I lied. Quick story from last night before getting back into the vacation blogs.

At bedtime, to procrastinate, Ivie has a tendency to call us back in to her room, time after time. So to try to ward this off, Dale will often say, "Okay, Ivie, this is the LAST time I'm coming in here."

This happened again last night. And, in response, Ivie said...

"Yes you will, Daddy, if I say, 'Daaaaaaaaaddy, I need some more waaaaaaaater!'."

Gotcha there, Daddy. She's right, and we all know it.

Wrapped around her little finger, I tell ya. And it's very cute - when you're not the one making the repeated trips into her room, that is...

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