Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Boy

We often times will encourage Ivie to assist us with something (getting ready for school on-time, using the potty, coming in from playing outside) by asking her to "be a big girl". She's at that age where it's really important to her that we see her as such, as opposed to being a baby, "like Macie", so it usually works.

So last night as we were drifting off to sleep, Dale recounted his conversation with Ivie as they were going through the bedtime process:

Dale: You sleep like a big girl tonight, Ivie, okay?

Ivie: Hold my hand, big boy.

Dale: (after pausing to digest what she'd said), Did you just call me, "big boy"?

Ivie: (giggling), Yes, Daddy!

For some reason, I found that insanely funny. Maybe it was because it was 10:30p, after a long last 24 hours with a sick baby... Either way, I couldn't stop laughing.