Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swimming (after T-Ball)

As if an hour of t-ball wasn't enough excitement for one Saturday, we decided this morning to head straight to the pool with the Beales and Gwaltneys (did I mention that t-ball is an excuse for the parents of the kids to connect and hang out?!?).

Combining the two outings meant that Macie entirely missed her morning nap. And by 11:30a, it caught up with her. As she sat in her float, being led around the pool by her friend, Caroline, she literally started nodding off, head bobbing up and down. I wish I'd have had my video camera with me in the pool (do they make a water-resistant Flip?!?), as it would have been something funny to show her someday. It took her about 10 seconds to fall asleep on my shoulder once I pulled her out of the float. (Side note: Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to have one of my babies asleep on my shoulder? I'm pretty sure that's never going to get old.)

So Mac snuggled into her car seat under the umbrella for a late morning nap while the rest of us had lunch poolside, followed by a bit more swimming before we headed home. Is July really almost over? Weekend days at the pool are going to be gone before we know it...

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Mark Nguyen said...

Macie sure has her daddy's head, huh?