Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uninvited Playmate

Tonight, after dinner at Chick-fil-A (Tuesday night is KID'S NIGHT!), it had "cooled down" to 89 degrees, so Ivie, Macie, and I decided to hit our playground for some last-minute swinging and sliding before bathtime.

I was holding Macie, and Ivie was walking in front of me. As we got closer to the mulched area, I noticed something stick-like lying in the middle of the mulch, near the grass line. Ivie was ahead of me, and had stepped very close to said "stick" as she walked by to get to her "big-girl" swing (since Macie had staked claim on the "baby" swing).

Well, as you have probably guessed, the "stick" turned out to be a VERY LARGE snake! I froze when I saw it, thankful that Ivie hadn't noticed what it was when she walked by, as she probably would have freaked out and led the snake to do the same. Instead, she just stood there looking at me, wondering why the expression on my face had changed and I had stopped talking to her mid-sentence.

I calmly pointed out the snake to her and instructed her to walk around the BACK of the playground and join me. We then stood and marveled at its size, which, in my opinion, is not something you see in a backyard every day. Especially not a backyard that, though nicely wooded, is about 50 yards from the interstate.

Suffice it to say that we didn't hang around to play on the playground. But I did go back inside to get my camera so I could share a shot of our playmate with you. Ivie went to bed tonight talking about how she hopes the snake goes back home (into the woods) to see his babies and their mommy. I hope that, too, Ivie. Let us never see him on our playground again...

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