Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bottle Float

We spent our Fourth of July at the New River in Boone, NC with Dale's mom (Emma Jean), brother (Doug), sister-in-law (Jennifer), 2 nephews (Luke and Rod), and several members of Jennifer's family. Dressed as though I was going to be in Durham, I actually was cold for most of the morning, even into the afternoon. I'm only slightly jealous of the 75 degree temps and cool breeze in July!

Doug and Jennifer own a piece of property along the river, where they're only a ladder away from being in the water. This was our first visit, and they sure did have it decked out for a great weekend of camping! THIS Herman clan isn't much for camping, though (especially Macie!), so we spent several hours hanging out and then headed back to Hickory with Grandma.

There were a variety of floats lying around for folks to use. I snapped a picture of Ivie with a couple of them, the second of which will probably give you a little laugh (well, some of you, at least...):

Ivie took quite a liking to this particular float and dragged it around the campsite for much of the afternoon (when she wasn't in the river). We all thought it was quite cute, though I found her attraction to it a little odd, since she obviously had no idea what it was... Finally, after I'd almost given up on figuring it out, she made a comment that explained it all. She was playing with Rod, the bottle was nearby, and Ivie claimed ownership: "That's MY honey!".

Ahhhhhhhhh, the connection. Apparently Ivie thought that the bottle of Jim Beam was, in fact, Ray Liotta Honey, from The Bee Movie, which is her movie of choice on the portable DVD player in her room when Dale is out of town at bedtime.

I see the resemblance. Don't you? We'll let her go on thinking that she was holding a honey bottle. Until she's, say, 30. Or at least until she can read for herself that it doesn't say "honey". That buys us some time to figure out another explanation...

Just for kicks, unrelated to the bottle float, here are a few more pictures from our fun at the river.

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Holly said...

Looks like a fun 4th for the Hermans! Hope to talk to y'all soon!