Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Milk Maker"

I sent another 156 ounces to IBMP today. Had to make room in the freezer for the gallon of ice cream that I bought last night. Priorities, right? So I'm now up to a total of 372 donated ounces. And with only 2 months left before Macie's big switch to whole milk, there's a good chance there will be at least one more shipment to clean out the freezer for good (or at least until the on-going, good-natured, and pleasant debate referenced here in #3 is resolved). After pumping for 10 months, the end is finally in sight...

Anyway, my co-workers get a kick out of the donation process, because the huge box (with the cooler packed inside) sits next to the front desk on the first floor of our 3-story building all morning until Fed Ex comes to pick it up around noon.

This morning, Clara (one of the aforementioned co-workers) came to my office and said, "You're sending milk again, huh?" with a laugh. It's quite obvious, since the box, in huge letters, says, "Prolacta Bioscience: Advancing the Science of Human Milk". So you can imagine the comments it gets from folks who pause to talk to the receptionist.

Clara and I then began an amusing conversation about my ability to produce large quantities of breast milk. Here's a tidbit:

Amy: Maybe they'll put on my tombstone: "She was great at making milk".

Clara: They should do a movie about you and call it "The Milk Maker: The Amy Herman Story".

Clara's got an idea there. This would probably be the only reason I would ever have a movie done about me. Definitely my claim to fame...

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