Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tooth #3

Dear blog-slash-stand-in-baby-book-because-Mommy-is-too-lazy-to-find-the-still-blank-real-thing,-much-less-fill-it-in,

I cut my third tooth today! It's May 12th, and I'm officially 8 months and 2 days old. Tonight, after my bath, Mommy was doing her nightly ritual of feeling in my mouth for a new tooth (it's like she knew it was coming - my Mommy is sooooooo smart!). After I finished biting her with my bottom two teeth (she said "OUCH, Mac!", which made me giggle), she managed to pry my mouth open long enough to feel the itty-bitty sharp edge of the tooth that is popping out on the upper front left side. She was so excited! She even held my mouth open so that Ivie could feel it. I'm not sure if Ivie really felt it or not, but she said she did, and she was thrilled that Mommy helped her try.

Making my family happy just comes "naturally" to me, I guess. And, just think - I get to do it, like, 17 more times before I have all of my baby teeth!


P.S. Mommy calls me "Macie-Mac" so often that Ivie's even started saying it. Mommy thinks that's funny. And I'm starting to wonder what my real name is. Mac? Macie-Mac? Mac-ster? The possibilities are endless!

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Marcia said...

To the owner of the "no longer just a blog but its now a baby book"--don't worry...I have a little boy who will be a perfect match for Macie. At their wedding reception they can display two computers each linked to their "baby books" (also known as their mom's blog). :) :) :) There isn't one single thing written in Kale's...and at this point I am not for certain that we even have a baby book for him...its buried that deep!