Saturday, May 16, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 25: Blue's Clues Doll and Book

This Blue's Clues doll and book set was officially Macie's first gift. My friend, Nikki, sent it to me from Missouri when she found out I was pregnant. At the time, I didn't want Macie to have to "share" it with Ivie, so I put it in a drawer in our guest room for safe-keeping.

As I was looking for batteries the other day (random, I know), I opened the drawer and saw it. I immediately pulled it out and took it to school with me to pick up the girls, using it to coerce Ivie to leave her class and go home with me (she never wants to leave - I guess that's a good thing!).

One thing I've learned since baby #2 arrived. NOTHING belongs solely to the baby (except breast milk, which Ivie accidentally tasted in a sippy cup the other day - apparently she didn't like it, as she made a horrible face!). Since the older child is always going to want what the baby has, even if it's a toy she's totally outgrown (like a teething ring), you might as well just not fight it. Turn the tables, and use it to your advantage. Like getting your kid to leave her class for a "surprise new toy" that awaits her in the car... Don't worry, Mac, you'll soon be big enough to fight her for it.

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