Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kids Bowl Free

On Memorial Day, I wanted to take Ivie bowling. And while checking online for the hours of the nearest bowling alley, Mardi Gras, I discovered something that would change our lives forever...

They have a Kids Bowl Free program in the summer! For no charge, kids are able to bowl 2 games a day, EVERY DAY (except Saturday), for the entire summer. What a deal! I signed Ivie up immediately. And then, after she was registered, it gave me the option to add on the "Family Fun Pass" for only $24.95. And for this minimal cost, 4 adults would be able to bowl with Ivie, also free of charge, for the same 2 games per day all summer. I signed us up and started getting psyched to spend some hot summer afternoons in the air-conditioned bowling alley, working on my very average (even though I was a bowling instructor in grad school) game.

Well, the passes aren't good on holidays, so we had to pay regular price on Memorial Day, which is $4.99 per game. And every time you bowl you have to rent shoes, of course, which cost another $3.70 per pair each time!!! Kind of an expensive hobby, even with the Family Fun Pass, since you have to get shoes each time...

So, always one to make sound financial decisions, I did an internet search for bowling shoes the next day and found some for Dale and me that I think are really cool (for bowling shoes, of course). For only ~$23 per pair, with free shipping! I even convinced our neighbors, Brooke and Danny (whom I included on our 4-adult family pass), that it is well worth it to buy our OWN bowling shoes and save the $3.70 each time we go. Six trips and they're paid off!

Anyway, long story short (I tend to get a bit long-winded on these blogs, or so Dale tells me...), our bowling shoes arrived on Friday afternoon. And we tried them out for the first time tonight. Check 'em out (and take a gander at my score, too! Must be the shoes...)!

The Herman clan is excited about a summer of TOTALLY FREE fun at the lanes!

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Rachel said...

Awesome! We've been bowling a little lately too. Luke loves it. As the little brother, Logan wants to carry the ball and do it just like brother. It gets a little dangerous from time to time. Zack and I don't really even get a turn! Zack was just telling me about that deal - I'll have to check it out. And figure out the shoes too! Pretty cool!