Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend in Hickory

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Hickory with Dale's mom. Saturday night, Ivie and Macie's "cuzins" came to stay (and play!), too.

I snapped a few picture of Luke, who is 10, playing with Macie. As well as some shots of her enjoying Grandma's stuffed elephants and learning her alphabet (never too early to start!).

I also got a rare picture of Dale's mom with her "boys" (tough to get, since both Dale and Emma Jean HATE photos!). Ivie made the picture, too, as she happened to be sitting on Dale's lap when the opportunity presented itself.

You can probably tell from the props (i.e., the coffee pot) in the picture that it was taken at IHOP. Weird, maybe, but I've now had lunch at IHOP on all 4 of my Mother's Days. Isn't that a great tradition?!? Stac, I know you will approve... Gotta love country omelets and blueberry pancakes!!! Thanks to the rest of the Hermans for letting me continue the ritual in Hickory this year...

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Stacy W. said...

IHOP is the ONLY way to celebrate! Happy Mother's Day, Amy! You deserve IHOP every day!