Saturday, May 16, 2009


You know how I am with milestones. Before it goes in the baby book (aka, blog), the kids have to PROVE that they can do it. We don't write down fluke occurrences in the Herman household!

Yesterday, Miss Marie told me that Mac had managed to bring herself to a seated position from her belly in the crib. This is huge, because Dale and I have spent a significant amount of time the past 2 months helping her back up after she's fallen when reaching too far for a toy... But Miss Marie didn't personally witness it, so she and I both agreed that Mac had probably used the slats of the crib to help her up. So although it was definitely exciting news, I chalked it up as a possible fluke. Not yet blog-worthy.

Then last night, after putting Macie to bed on her back (she usually rolls to her belly at some point during the night now), I left her room and moved on to Ivie (who was patiently waiting while watching The Bee Movie in her room on the portable DVD player). After 30 minutes in Ivie's room (she didn't want me to leave...), I closed her door and instinctively went to check on Mac, even though I was sure she was sleeping, since I hadn't heard a sound from her since closing her door the first time.

I was wrong.

Mac was sitting up in her crib, looking around in the darkness, rubbing her eyes, but not crying. I quietly laid her back down on her back and she went immediately to sleep.

Another occurrence of her finding her way to a seated position. Still not convinced enough to put it in the blog, though...

At 4:47a, Macie started crying the cry that means she's not going back to sleep until she eats. I don't like that cry. I went into her room to find her, you guessed it, sitting up. Then later this morning, when we came downstairs and she was playing on the kitchen floor, she did it again. With me watching, unassisted by crib slats. And finally, just to prove herself, this morning while she was trying to settle into her nap, I had to go back into her room twice to help her back down onto her belly.

So it's not a fluke. It appears as though Macie can find her way UP from a lying position (exciting milestone!), but isn't quite sure how to lie back down. I think she's going to be a bit high-maintenance for a while...

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