Friday, May 29, 2009

Editor's Note

I feel the need to make something clear to everyone that gets my blog updates via email as soon as I post them...

You will probably find it pretty amusing that in my mom's list of 25 Random Things, there are 2 grammatical errors in her #2, which just happens to be the one in which she says she's a perfectionist.... There's good reason for this, and it is simply that her DAUGHTER apparently doesn't pay nearly the attention she should before hitting the "Publish Post" button.

Here's what happened, in a nutshell (and for those of you that read the blog on the website, it's already been fixed, so you won't see the errors). Mom sent me her list in a Word document. Well, Microsoft Word and don't always get along. And didn't like Mom's list. So I had to retype several of the items before I found a shortcut to fix the problem.

That being said, #2 is definitely one that I typed over. I can assure you that in her original list, Mom capitalized "There", and would never have overlooked the quite obvious flip-flopping of letters in the word "of".

Your reputation is intact, Mom. Sorry that I put it in jeopardy for 21 minutes. Thankfully, most people won't be on their computers reading my blog at 9p on a Friday night. They'll be out at the movies, or at a baseball game, or at dinner in Charleston, or at a bar on Franklin Street, or at a wedding in Virginia...

So why, you ask, am I blogging on a Friday night? That's a very good question. I think I'll go to bed now.

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