Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 23: Ariel (for the Tub)

I'm a couple weeks behind on Show-and-Tell. Time for catch-up! Two weeks ago, Ivie chose another of her birthday party gifts, this one from Samuel, to bring to school. Ariel changes colors when she gets wet, though we haven't experienced that yet, because we're not quite sure if she can only be sprinkled with water, or thrown in with the other tub toys. The directions weren't really very clear... So we've avoided playing with her in water thus far!

Ariel came with a fish, too (see picture). The fish probably has a name - but I've not seen Little Mermaid (I know, crazy). So if you know the fish's name, fill me in...!


Stacy W. said...

just throw it in the water and see what happens :)

Steve and Karyn said...

The fish's name is Flounder :)