Saturday, May 16, 2009

French Braid

I've tried several times to french braid Ivie's hair. Until this morning, I'd been unsuccessful. For many reasons, really. One, she never wants to sit still long enough. Two, her hair is really thin and falls out of my hands very easily. And third, and most importantly, I'm just not very good at it. Because if I were, numbers one and two wouldn't be worthy excuses.

But this morning, as Ivie and Macie were playing in Mac's crib, I took another shot. And was fairly successful. I say "fairly", because there are several bumpy spots. But I shocked myself by being able to finish, and then discovered that I didn't have a rubber band! Thank goodness I'd already "done" my hair that morning (read: pulled it back into a ponytail)! Out it came, and the braid was salvaged.

Here are some pics of the finished product. Proof that I CAN do it!

It's kind of funny that this happened literally hours after I decided to cut off the majority of Ivie's hair. I think we're going to go with a short 'do for the summer. Assuming that meets with Daddy's approval, of course...

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Stacy W. said...

I want to see dreads next time.... ;) good work.