Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleeping "Through the Night"

Macie's been sleeping for 8 hours for several weeks. But when you go to sleep at 7:30p, 8 hours only gets you to 3:30a. Not "through the night" in anyone's book (except for those folks who write books about when babies will start sleeping through the night!). I guess I could try to keep her awake until 10:00p, at which point 8 hours would get her to 6:00a, but I value the quiet hours of 8:00p - 10:00p too much. That is Mommy and Daddy's TV-watching time!

But last night, as if she were showing her thanks for us giving her her own parade, Macie decided to take a stab at Mommy's much tougher definition of "night". She went to sleep at 8:00p, and woke up at 7:00a. 11 hours! And in Grandma's Pack-n-Play instead of her own crib! Now THAT is "sleeping through the night". Even in Mommy's book!

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Anonymous said...

Can I tell you AGAIN that I'm putting the Forbes curse on you! Enjoy your sleep! LUCKY DOG!