Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Loud Band

We went to Tar Heel Town (THT) again today before our football game against Georgia Tech (side note - we won! We're now 7-2 and bowl eligible for the first time in, well..., a long time!). As THT was closing (an hour before kick-off), the band played one last round of songs to get the crown hyped up before heading to the stadium. Ivie was on Dale's shoulders standing next to the stroller, in which Macie was snoozing.

To set the stage a bit, since Macie's arrival, we've had to hammer it into Ivie's head that she cannot make sudden loud noises. Especially when Macie is nursing or drinking a bottle, as she gets in a "zone" and is easily startled by sudden loud noises, resulting in her breaking out into a sobbing cry.

When the band started playing, I, standing behind the stroller, peered quickly in to see if it would disrupt Macie's slumber. At the same time, I couldn't help but notice that I was not the only one concerned. Ivie, too, had realized that the band was playing very loudly. She immediately looked over her daddy's head with a concerned look on her face and tried to see down into Macie's stroller. Her view was blocked by the shade on the stroller, though, so she made eye contact with me and said, "I want to see Macie!". When I moved the shade back, she was able to see that Macie was sleeping through the music. But she wasn't satisfied, as she "checked" on Macie 3 or 4 more times while listening to the band. After one of these times, she looked at me and, sounding shocked, said, "Mommy, Macie's still sleeping!?!".

Seems as though she's beginning to understand that loud noises and babies don't generally mix. Now if it would just translate to our home, Macie would be thrilled...

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