Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Our Backyard

In the past week or so, our neighbors have been telling us that we've had deer in our yard every night. We were gone for Thanksgiving, and we're usually in bed by 10p, so we haven't been lucky enough to catch sight of them yet.

But this morning, as I was washing dishes, I saw 4 of them munching on the pine straw in the backyard. A mom and her baby were very close to the house, and 2 others were off in the distance a bit (visible, but not catch-able on film). I snuck out onto our screened porch to get some video, and then took a few pictures out of the window above the sink (both included below).

Unfortunately, when I turned on the sink to rinse the dishes, the 3 adults looked up at the hint of the noise, stared in my direction for a split second, and took off running. The naive baby? She didn't even stop eating! She stayed and was still munching away when I finished the dishes and forced myself to leave the sink and stop watching her (I think I could have stood there all day).

It's fun to have random interactions with nature while standing in your kitchen! Wish Ivie were here to see them, though I'm certain she would have scared them away much sooner with her squeals of delight!

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