Friday, November 14, 2008

Show-and-Tell, Round 6: Xylophone

A few weeks ago, we went to a neighborhood nearby that was having a community yard sale. Used it as an opportunity to get in a walk with different surroundings. Going in, I had hopes of finding some jeans for Ivie. For some reason, 2T's and 3T's fluctuate in size so much by brand that it's been next to impossible for me to find pants that fit her this year. UGH!

Anyway, we came OUT of the sale with no jeans, but with several stuffed animals and this xylophone. So it's making an appearance at Show-and-Tell today. Running a close 2nd and 3rd were Wrinkles (a stuffed dog with a pocket and his own bone) and a model of a set of teeth that Dale has for selling braces. Dale was really pushing for the teeth, asking Ivie over and over if she wanted to take the teeth to school. She wasn't going for it. Now that would have been interesting for her to talk about. I can see it now. "Daddy has these for WORK," as a bunch of 2-year-olds look at her like she's flipped her lid.

So, back to the xylophone. Ivie likes to pound on the keys and sing her "A-B-C-D's", over and over. On the way to school today (I went along, as we took Macie in, too), she handed it to Dale and said, "Daddy, your turn!". And when he finished, she told him to "do it again!". So I got the enjoyment of watching a grown man play a toy xylophone while singing his ABC's. Not every day gets to start out like that!

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