Thursday, November 13, 2008

Batting at Toys

During my treadmill run this morning, Macie was happily lying on my exercise mat with her toy cow hanging above her right shoulder so that I could see her face as I ran (to make sure she stayed awake and didn't spit up all over herself!).

As I ran, singing loudly to 80's love songs on my iPod to assist with the daunting task of keeping Macie awake for 30 minutes (it was bath day today, so we had to get it in before her nap), I noticed that the cow toy was rattling more often than normal. So I started watching more closely (yes, while still running - thank goodness I was only running at a 10-minute mile pace!), and I think it's safe to say that Macie has gained a bit of control of her arms and hands, as she can, to an extent, swing them in meaningful directions to hit toys hanging above her. Big milestone!

Each time she hit the cow with her right arm, I exclaimed, "Yea, Macie! Great job!" And each time, without fail, when she heard my outburst, she broke out into a huge grin. Already enjoys pleasing Mommy, it seems!

Before signing off, I'm going to make a note to myself to move the cow to the LEFT side next time to try to promote left-handedness! Dale and I are slightly disappointed that Ivie is CLEARLY a righty. We thought we'd have a fighting chance of her being left-handed, since both Dale and I are. Though I've read that having 2 left-handed parents only ups the chances for the child to 50%. Still not great odds. But we have 2 kids now. 50% means that Macie should be a lefty, right?!? So we'll start working toward that NOW!

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