Monday, May 2, 2011

A Slice of Bryce (#1): One Week

Bryce was one week old on Saturday, so it's time to start a series to help me keep up with his milestones and happenings as Herman Nation ventures down the path as a family of five! As we were out on a family walk yesterday, I challenged Dale and my mom and dad with helping me come up with a clever name. They had some decent ideas, but, in the long run, I decided to go with the one that I had come up with myself. Which is only fair, I think, since I'm the one that does all the writing!

So welcome to "A Slice of Bryce"!

1) Bryce is a GREAT burper! And my first child, so far, that hasn't been a projectile vomiter (knock on wood). I told my mom yesterday that I've never had a kid that I could burp over my shoulder, for fear of the milk flying behind me and hitting the chair, the wall, and anyone who might be unfortunate enough to be standing there. So it's nice to be able to put B over my shoulder and pat away!

2) While he's a good burper, he also suffers from gas pains. The Mylicon has been purchased, but I keep forgetting to use it until after we've worked the gas out with a good burping session. But it's easy to tell when that's the problem. Bryce gets very squirmy and lets out a wail that sounds like a hyena. Or at least I think that might be what a hyena sounds like...

3) I think I've settled on "Bug" for a nickname. Not on purpose, that's just what I've been calling him. So now I have two "Boogs" (short for "Booger", which I use interchangeably with the girls) and one "Bug". Nothing like making it confusing for myself. Maybe I'll have to come up with something else. But, for now, Bug it is!

4) I can't tell you how many times I've called Bryce "Sweet Girl". It's hard to change your ways after 5 years of dealing with nothing but girls! Thankfully, he doesn't know any better yet...

5) I'm pleased to report that the milk machine (aka, my mammary glands) is having no problems with production. Two cases in point. Saturday morning, after Bryce's 5:00a feeding, I pumped 10 ounces. And, in our freezer right now, is 60 bagged ounces. Time to clear out some of the food in the freezer to make room for the ice cube trays that store my breastmilk bags!

6) Much to Ivie and Macie's relief, Bryce's umbilical cord stump finally fell off on Friday. They were very concerned about his belly button, so they were thrilled to see it looking "normal" when they got home from school that day!

7) Today was Bryce's 1-week check-up. When we took him to the doctor last Monday, he was 7 pounds, 13 ounces. This morning, he was 8 pounds, 12 ounces. So he gained almost a whole pound! His doctor described the weight gain as "amazing". I second that opinion. Not that Bryce really had much of a choice but to gain weight, given my point in #5 above.

8) And, for those of you who need a picture fix (okay, probably just me!), here are a few of Bryce from the past few days, just lounging around home.

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Trish said...

Adorable, Amy! I love the first pic of him...who says boy clothes aren't cute, right?! Hope you are recovering well. Looks as if your parents are helping you out. Thank goodness for grandparents. (I have a great set of parents, too!!! : )