Friday, May 6, 2011

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#18)

A Clean House

We have a sweet lady named Ruby who, together with her husband and her daughter, clean our house every other Monday. Which means that I rarely have to do household cleaning, which makes me pretty happy (and is one of many reasons why I continue to work).

On top of that, my mom has been here for almost 3 weeks now. And she's been an amazing help. Laundry, ironing, cooking dinner... Pretty much everything a girl needs help with when she has a new baby.

So, between Ruby and my mom, our house has stayed in pretty decent shape since Bryce's arrival, even though the amount of housework that I do has dropped from "very little" to "nil".

Several days ago (they all run together for me right now), Dale walked with Ivie into her room to get her ready for bed. Ivie took one look at her bed, saw her blankets and stuffed animals placed in an orderly fashion, looked at Dale, and exclaimed/questioned:

"Is Ruby coming every day now?".

Nope, Iv. Welcome to life with Nina. Don't get used to it. She leaves in a week, and you'll be back to digging through the mess on your bed to find your water bottle and favorite blanket.

The Kitchen Television

It won't surprise any of you that my daughters are pretty habitual. In the morning, when they come downstairs for breakfast, one of the two of them heads straight for our little kitchen television to turn on either Nick, Jr. or Disney. Since they are the only ones that use that television, it's always on one of "their" channels, so hitting the power button is all it takes. Instant gratification.

Until Nina arrived, that is.

Now, during the day when she is slaving away in the kitchen, Nina turns the television to either the Today Show or MSNBC. Which means the television is likely not on the correct channel for the girls in the morning.

One such morning, Dale witnessed Ivie's reaction to this occurrence.

She turned the television on, scowled, and muttered under her breath:

"Hmph. Nina."

As if to say, "How dare you disrupt our routine with your nonsense big-person shows. Enough already."

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