Friday, May 20, 2011

Making a Ponytail

Dale, admittedly, has no clue how to make a ponytail. He says his fingers are way too big for those little rubber bands. So if the girls' hairdo needs to involve anything other than a barrette or a headband, he's out.

Which, obviously, leaves me to fill that role. Knowing that I can't do it forever, I've often thought about how in the world I was going to teach the girls how to make their OWN ponytails. Since I had really short hair until the 6th grade, I really didn't know when it was that I should start trying to teach Iv.

Turns out I didn't have to worry about it. Chalk it up to something else she apparently learned at school, since she came home one day and told me that she could put her hair in a pony by herself. I didn't believe her at first. I mean, that was definitely something we were going to have to practice on for DAYS with her Barbie dolls, right?!?


After she showed me that she could do it, I sent her immediately to brag to her daddy that she learned how to make a ponytail before he did. Then, she told me that she wanted to teach Daddy, so could I please video her making a ponytail so Daddy could learn?

So here you go, Daddy. Sorry it takes me a few times to get it right. But at least it means that Mommy was able to give Bryce a cameo appearance in the video!

Oh, and Daddy? Let me know if you want to practice on one of my Barbies...

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