Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#20): Car Conversation

On Tuesday afternoon, while Sarah and Macie ran into the Scrubs and Beyond store to find Sarah some work pants, Ivie, Bryce, and I waited in our car. As is typical these days, Ivie didn't stop talking the entire time. Here are some bits of our conversation:

Ivie: Mom, am I gonna be dead when I'm 80?

Me: I hope not!

Ivie: Man, I'm gonna be TALL!!!!

Me: Ummmm, you're not going to keep growing the whole time, Iv.

Then, about 5 minutes later, after seeing the UNC, NC State, Duke, and NC Central banners hanging over the door to Best Buy:

Ivie: Mom, what's THAT banner? (Referring to the NCCU one, which she didn't recognize.)

Me: That's North Carolina Central University. It's another school in Durham. They're the Eagles!

Ivie: Does Lance cheer for them?

Me (intrigued by the randomness and eager to share this story with Lance): No, I don't think so. He cheers for Carolina. Like us!

Finally, 2 minutes later, after moving on from Lance's apparent allegiance to NCCU...

Ivie: Mom, why did God make people who cheer for Duke?!?

Me: Good question, Iv.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

She is brainwashed!! Ha! So funny!

Karyn said...

This type of question is what I strive for Charlotte to ask at some point! So far I have her doing a thumbs down and saying "boo" when she sees the Duke logo on our ACC tournament cups :)