Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mom's "Store"

When I was home last Christmas, I randomly heard either Sarah or Bobbie (can't remember which it was) nonchalantly tell my mom that she was going to run down to the store real quick to grab a few things.

I waited for her to put on her jacket and start looking for her purse and keys.

Instead, she opened the door to the basement and walked downstairs. I was thoroughly confused.

So I asked Mom what she was talking about. Mom's eyes lit up, and she asked, "Have you not heard about my store?!?".

Why no, Mom, I haven't. But it sure sounds intriguing. Please tell me about it...

So she did.

Several months earlier (at that point - I'm sure it's been over a year now), Mom, Sarah, and Bobbie were talking about couponing, checking sale flyers, etc. Bobbie made the comment that while she really wished she could take advantage of the sales that were available, she just didn't have the time to put into it that was necessary for it to be worthwhile.

Later, Mom was thinking about that conversation, and said to herself (and I'm paraphrasing her thoughts here, obviously, since I doubt she said it out loud!), "The girls don't have time to do it, but I sure do, and it could be fun!".

And, with that, a "store" was born.

So here's how it works. Mom initially got both Sarah and Bobbie to make a list of the items that they use (food, household necessities, etc.). Then, Mom collects coupons, checks sale flyers, and goes shopping to stock up on great deals on the things they need/use the most. To give you an example, she told me that just the other day (before our Halloween trip), she'd been to 9 different stores. In one day. Just doing shopping for the "store".

When she gets home from shopping, she adds the items to her electronic inventory list, making copies available to Sarah and Bobbie. And then she uses her receipts to tag each and every item with a sticky note, identifying the item, the size, and the cost (based, of course, on the sale amount, and with no tax included).

Finally, the items are added to her "store" in the basement. And the Anderson and Schaeperkoetter clans are able to go "shopping" any time they need something that Mom has. All they have to do is untag their items and place the tags on their assigned clipboard, which serves as their "tab" (which can, of course, be paid off at any time, no interest involved).

I'm telling you, folks, I was blown away when I first saw this store last Christmas. At that time, though, Mom told me that her inventory was actually lower than normal, since she hadn't had much time to do shopping before the holidays. When I went down to the store on this trip, though, I understood what she'd meant. You'd never believe how much stuff she has. Well, yes you will, since I took pictures to prove it.

I mean, how can you have a Mom that does something this COOL for her kids and not have it documented somewhere?!? Seriously, is there a better mom alive? I. Don't. Think. So.

So here you go. Proof that my mom is:

1) ingenious
2) selfless
3) caring
4) understanding
5) helpful
6) meticulous
7) loving
8) generous
9) willing

And, last but not least,

10) 100% responsible for the anal tendencies exhibited by her second daughter.

Man, how I wish I lived closer to this store my family.

(And the one item I bought from the store that could make the trip home with me...)


Stacy W. said...

that's scary cool....Jane is my hero! You make so much more sense to me too, Amy!

Saucy Wench said...

Warn your mom that I might stop by the next time I'm in town! This is amazing!:)

Anonymous said...

Dang! $1.50 for Lucky Charms. I'll take 8 boxes at that price.