Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old Well Walk

We hit Tar Heel Town with the girls again yesterday. As we stood amongst the crowd alongside the sidewalk down which the team would soon walk for the home-game tradition of the Old Well Walk, Ivie asked Dale if she could get on his shoulders (their father/eldest daughter tradition). Since we were still probably 10 minutes from the team arriving, Dale told Ivie that she needed to wait until she could see the team coming down the path.

So Ivie continued to check for the team. When she finally saw them, she turned to Dale and exclaimed, "Daddy, the high-five men are coming!".

To adults, it's the UNC Football team. But to my Ivie, they're really big guys that walk by her each week, full of smiles as they gently slap her little hand with their monstrous ones.

Incidentally, Ivie also made her ESPN network debut last night! A camera man had come around before the Old Well Walk and taken some brief footage of several kids, including a few seconds each of Ivie and Emerson. Then, with about 7:15 left in the second quarter of the game, ESPNU did a brief overview of Homecoming weekend, including several fan shots. And, sure enough, there was Ivie! Imagine my dad's surprise when he was watching their DVR'd version of the game back in Missouri and saw his granddaughter flash onto the screen! He said he immediately yelled to Mom to "get in here, QUICK!".

It's kind of sad that Ivie made it to ESPN before either of her parents, both of whom claim to have been decent athletes "back in the day". Dale's hoping Iv makes a reappearance as a professional golfer someday...

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