Monday, November 9, 2009


I know the purpose of this blog is to tell stories about life within the Herman family, our little clan of 4, living happily and healthily in North Carolina. And I know that my readership is, like, maybe 10 people, and that's only because I require my family to read it by having email my posts to them as soon as I hit "publish". So they don't really have a choice.

But I'm going to stray from my stated blog purpose for this post. Because I'm so utterly happy tonight that I can't fathom doing anything but writing about how happy I am for this random family. A "Frozen Tundra" family that I have never met and most likely never will...

I know that there are naysayers who are skeptical about anything positive coming out of Facebook, blogging, etc. But I also know that because of Facebook and blogs, and former acquaintances with whom I've reconnected as a result, I've been introduced to a family whose story deserves to be heard, shared, and celebrated.

Chrissy, I think you check my blog out every once in a while. So, if you do, thanks for introducing me to MckMama and her Many Small Children.

As a very brief intro, MckMama (her blog name for herself) and her husband (Prince Charming) have 4 kids. The youngest, now-one-year-old Stellan (also known on the blog as "MckMuffin"), has a very serious heart condition that the doctors thought would take his life in utero. But, because God had other plans, Stellan lived. And he just had his first birthday last week! But his heart has struggled with a condition known as SVT (I don't know what it is, either - it doesn't really matter, except to know that it causes his heart rate to skyrocket out of normal rhythm). And his last two weeks have been very tough, as the family and their doctors have had to make the tough decision to go forward with a second ablation (also not important for you to fully understand, but just know that it is a VERY serious and dangerous surgery to perform on a toddler).

So after traveling with his mommy to Boston's Children's Hospital (apparently the best in the nation, and maybe the world, for this type of surgery), Stellan was today rushed into his ablation. A day earlier than scheduled, ultimately, because his heart went into SVT and the doctors couldn't get him stable enough to wait until the scheduled Tuesday ablation.

MckMama, who somehow found the time, energy, and faith, kept the entire world updated fairly regularly throughout the day with both blog updates and Tweets. I'm not much of a Tweeter (that sounds funny, I know), but I found myself refreshing my internet so often on her Twitter page today that I started to wonder if I would accomplish anything of "importance" in my work day.

And even though this might be all you know of their story, I can tell you that if you go and read this post, you won't come out of it dry-eyed. No way you could. Because Stellan and his doctors were so obviously in the palms of God's hands throughout this day that it's almost unfathomable. And the part that makes it so much better is that Stellan's mommy, at a time in her life when her fears and doubts could have so easily taken over and blinded her to God's glory, she didn't let them. She sooooo didn't. What an amazing woman.

If you have some time, read some of the stories from the past two weeks on this blog. I can assure you that when you finish, you won't be able to describe what has happened any better than MckMama does, when she says:

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!


Marcia said...

SVT=supra-ventricular tachacardia or maybe superventricular tachacardia.

Ablation--process of inserting catheter like device through arteries or veins to reach the heart and "zap" something (such as a small opening in the heart) in the effort to stop any extra electrical impulses or extra pathways from short circuiting the heart.

Amy, you know I never went to med school. To Amy's readers--I got nowhere near med school. So how do I know this? No, I didn't google it.

Here is how I know: SVT is what nearly killed Kale when he was 17 days old. Lots of different heart issues can allow/cause SVT to happen. If Kale does not outgrow his WPW (which is what allows his SVT to happen), then more than likely he will have an ablation somewhere between ages 6-10.

So, today of all days and before this post by you tonight, I happened to click on the link to her blog (from your page). When I saw SVT and such in the verbage, I was immediately linked and hooked on Kellan's story. What we went through was hard...but what they have been through has been even harder!

Oh...and my word verification for this comment is bekale (which I can't help but read as Be Kale)

Chrissy said...

You're welcome. I love her blog. She's inspirational, that's for sure. I plan to include Stellen in my 30 Days of Thanks...which is interesting considering I don't even know him or his family, but I am still rejoicing with them! :o)