Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eviction Notice

I shared a room with my older sister growing up. At least until I was in the 6th grade and we moved into a bigger house and she and I got our own space. Since I don't remember much before the 6th grade (it's inexplicable, so don't even ask), I don't really know if I enjoyed sharing a room or not. But I'm pretty sure Sarah and I had a good time and that it was ultimately good for our relationship. Or that's what I intend to continue believing, at least, since I really want Ivie and Macie to have the same experience. And I don't want to blow the sisterly-love/best-buds image that I have in my head about how great it could be for them.

So I've been talking to Ivie the last couple of months about how she's going to be able to share her room with Macie when Macie gets, well, "bigger" (no need to use other descriptors that she won't understand because of her inability to comprehend measurements of time). But Ivie seems very excited, particularly when I bring it up during those times when she's feeling particularly big-sisterly, which, thankfully, are coming around with more frequency as she gets older.

Tonight as I tucked Ivie into bed for the third time (I still can't get out of her room as easily as her daddy can), she brought up the fact that someday she wanted to share her "princess bed" with Macie. (It's not really a princess bed. But it's white, and calling it a princess bed makes Ivie want to get into it and go to sleep. Whatever works, right?) She proceeded to, as a procrastination tactic, take me through the progression about how both she and Macie had started in the "crib" in Mommy's room (the bassinet that for some reason is still set up in the corner), then moved on to Macie's crib, and then to Ivie's princess bed.

At the end of this timeline discussion, we had the following exchange:

Ivie: Mommy, when Macie gets bigger, I want her to sleep over THERE (pointing to the opposite side of the bed from where Ivie currently sleeps).

Me: That's a good idea, Ivie. That can be Macie's side of the bed!

Ivie (glancing to "Macie's side" of the bed with a suddenly-troubling look on her face): But Mommy... Where will I put my BOOKS?!?

You see, after we read books at night, they get put up into the bed with Ivie. And they "sleep" next to her, in the exact location that Ivie just realized will someday be occupied by Macie!

So books, consider this your one-year (or so) warning. You're probably going to be demoted to the shelf of the headboard. But at least you'll get to witness the sisterly love that is undoubtedly going to flourish. At least that's how I've scripted it in my mind.

In reality, the better advice might be to duck your collective covers to avoid being hit by the inevitably flying pillows.

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