Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ivie's Random Thoughts (#5)

She's a Schaeperkoetter
In the past couple of months, when Ivie gets frustrated or angry with someone, she turns to them, with her "mean face", and says, "You're making me HARD-HEADED!".

This must have come from school, but she's apparently misinterpreting the meaning. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if her teachers are referring to Ivie with that descriptor. Some says it's a Schaeperkoetter trait. So she just might have come by it honestly...

Recently, when we ask Ivie to go to the potty before leaving home for an outing and she doesn't have to go, she exclaims, "I don't have to go! There's NO POTTY in my throat!".

I've found this to be quite amusing, so I've let it go for a couple of weeks. But I've had my fun. Last night, I introduced her to the word "bladder".

We took the girls to the UNC Men's Basketball game this afternoon versus Valparaiso. Speaking of, do you know where Valparaiso is? Dale knew it was in Indiana. I didn't. Here's a map if you're interested..

Macie was her usual terror at the game. It took me about 10 minutes to remember why I always decide after the first game of the year with a child (and now two) that I would be better served to just watch the games at home. At least until all children are (at a minimum) 3 years old. With Macie, if she's not eating, she's not happy. We (she and I) were ready to head home at halftime. But Ivie was having too much fun, so we stuck it out for 10 minutes of the 2nd half before hitting the door.

On our trek to the car, as we navigated the first of two long staircases, Ivie lagged behind me by about 6 stairs. We were still close enough to talk, though, and Ivie said to me, "Mommy, I had fun with you today!". She's said this before when she's having a sentimental moment, but this was especially sweet because it was so randomly timed. The folks around us on the stairs thought it was very cute, too!

Then, when we got to the car, she said, "Mommy, you make my heart feel very happy." The feeling is mutual, Iv.

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