Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hill Ridge Farms (2011)

After we "rested up" last Saturday (not really, since Dale and I took Nina and Papa to the UNC Football game), we headed on Sunday morning to Hill Ridge Farms, another annual tradition with the Dever clan. (If it's not yet obvious to those of you outside of North Carolina, the Devers might as well be part of our family.)

Upon entry into this wonderful fall playland, Ivie headed straight for the maze (which you can see she took very seriously)...

... and Macie made a beeline for the swings (which were just as difficult to get her away from this year as it was last year). Nina and Papa were happy to assist in her efforts to "go really high".

After conquering the maze, Ivie and Emerson wanted to check out the new "jumping pillow". Watching them made me want to jump, too. Sadly, no parents were allowed.

Macie finally got off the swing and joined in.

I think this was the highlight of the day, at least for Mommy watching from a distance. Not a single picture Dale took didn't catch a smile.

The girls spent quite a bit of time on the jumping pillow, allowing our camera (wielded by Dale) to do a little wandering. To me and Bryce, and Brooke and Danny!

But, in an appropriate act of tit for tat, Brooke didn't let Dale off the hook.

After the jumping pillow, we made a quick stop at the Hill Ridge Farms "Cool Bus". I tried to get Bryce to look out the window, but didn't have much success. Maybe it was because I'm apparently too old to bend down far enough to get his face at window level.

Then it was off to the big slide! If you remember, Macie opted out last year, as it was a bit intimidating for her. Not so much this year, though she did ride down with Nina!

While we waited for the big kids, daddies, and grandparents to come down the slide, Bryce hung out with me (and decided it was time for a little snooze).

The line was L-O-N-G, so the girl only got to go down the slide once. Then we distracted them with talk of a ride on the train, with a quick stop first to measure their height.

The painted hay bales were back for another run this year, with fresh new pictures.

After the train came the duck races. And I'm not just talking about the girls. As you can see, Dale and Danny are a bit competitive, even when it comes to racing plastic ducks.

From the duck races, it was off to the hay jump. I must say that Emerson Dever sure knows how to "strike a pose"!

Before we could blink, it was almost lunch time. Which meant we had to jump aboard the hayride for the trip to the pumpkin patch. Or should I say the place where the Hill Ridge Farms gets pumpkins trucked in and dumped so that it appears to be a pumpkin patch? Oh, well. It didn't matter. The girls didn't know the difference, and this was going to make pumpkins #6-11 at our house, anyway.

After the hayride brought us back, we headed for the cars and made our lunch stop at Sonic (also becoming tradition!). Another GREAT fall outing, officially in the books!

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