Sunday, October 9, 2011

Children of the Corn: Ganyard Hill Farm, 2011

Before I go any further, I must give Dale credit for the title of this post. Though I will say that "Children of the Corn" was the first (and maybe actually the last) "horror film" I ever watched. Romantic comedies are much more my style...

But moving on.

This morning, we took the girls to Ganyard Hill Farm. We traded kids with Brooke, and she kept Bryce at home with her and let us take Emerson with us for Year 4 of the Hermans at Ganyard.

The place hasn't really changed that much (except I think the price has gone up each year. $12.50 per person-over-the-age-of-2? Really?!?). So these pictures will be staged much the same as they have in years past. Thank goodness the girls have grown each year, or this would be a really boring post, wouldn't it?

We started by posing for a few pictures outside while we waited in line. Then, once we were inside the shed where you pay, the girls had to pet the bunny, Cotton. Our friend, Stacy, who was visiting for the weekend and came along with us, had a great line, saying that Cotton likely had the worst job at the farm, having to sit there and let kids pet him all day long.

Once we paid our $75 entry fee (WOW. Still can't get over that.), the girls were off to the Corn Crib (which was where Dale came up to me and whispered "Children of the Corn" in my ear as the proposed blog post title). Ivie was all about laying out in the corn. Macie, though, did NOT like the feel of the kernels stuck between her toes.

Then, it was off to the Hay Maze and the pipe slide down Hay Mountain...

Before wrapping up our visit in the pumpkin patch, we went on the annual Hay Ride, during which Dale reminded the girls how to appropriately chew on pieces of hay. The parents of the probably-18-month-old little girl sitting next to us likely did not appreciate that she paid close attention and wanted to try it out, herself. Oh well. Live a little, right?!?

Thanks to Stacy possessing the camera for much of the day, there are actually pictures of me in this post! Too bad I didn't decide to do my hair for the event...

Twas another fun year at Ganyard! Next weekend, barring any unforeseen complications, we'll be taking my parents to Hill Ridge Farms. Looking SO forward to sharing that with them! We LOVE October!

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