Monday, October 3, 2011

Show-and-Tell, Round 67: Ostrich

Ivie still has show-and-tell on occasion in Kindergarten. During their week of lessons on "birds", they had, you guessed it, "Bird Show-and-Tell Day". Now, you can imagine that this themed show-and-tell stuff might stress me out. What if we don't have anything that will "work"? (Although I was forced to get over that fairly quickly when the next week was "Pet Show-and-Tell", and we clearly weren't going to go out and get a pet just so Ivie would have something to take to school. She handled it better than I would have thought. Probably because she was entertained by her friends' dogs, guinea pigs, and hamsters.)

But I digress. For Bird Show-and-Tell Day, Ivie settled on this stuffed ostrich. Primarily because her daddy guilt-tripped her into it. You see, he's partial to it because it was a gift from an ex-girlfriend back in the day. At least we're honest about these things, right?!? I must admit it's pretty unique. And I'm fairly certain that no other kindergartner showed up with something that looked like this.

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