Friday, October 21, 2011

Chomper #1

Bryce has been drooling since birth, so I didn't really have a basis for my gut feeling over the past couple of weeks that he was about to cut a tooth. On second thought, though, maybe it's just because he turns 6 months old this weekend, and both of the girls got their first teeth between 4 and 5 months, so I assumed B wouldn't be too far behind.

Backtracking a little bit to discuss this past week (because, let's be honest, it's hard to write a whole blog post just about a tooth)... Let's start with the positives:

1) We wrapped up a wonderful visit from Nina and Papa on Monday evening, and they made it home that night in time to watch Scott break ground on their new house on Tuesday morning;

2) It wasn't a fun work week, but I survived (and I continue to tell myself that I am thankful to be gainfully employed, when so many who want to be, are not);

3) I remembered that Wednesday was Macie's "Bring-in-a-Book Day" at school, and she chose "Pirates Don't Change Diapers", which I love;

4) Dale got home Wednesday night and does not have another work trip planned for nearly two straight weeks; and

5) On Thursday morning, Dale and I successfully prepared for Macie's Show-and-Tell Day, School Picture Day for Mac and B, Uniform Day for Iv, and "really-important-and-stressful-work-day" for me. And we still made it out the door relatively on-time.

So let me attempt to bring this story back around to why in the world it's relevant to Bryce's first tooth. I hope none of you are as disappointed as I am that I have no idea where I was when I first felt said chomper on Wednesday. It's a fact that you would think would be a fairly obvious one to include in a post that is attempting to make an interesting story out of one tooth. But, sadly, it's escaped me.

So we will just move on and I'll try to get over it.

Now comes the part that Stacy Warner just loves (wink, wink). THE TOOTH CHART. I had hoped to find a cuter version to use for Bryce, but Google (to the extent I had the patience to sift through sites) let me down this time. So I'm resorting to using the same one I have for Mac. Oh well, at least the lead-up work is already done.

I should clarify that it's not really the tooth chart itself that Stacy "loves". It's the fact that I have the nerve to put a tooth chart in a post without an actual picture of the tooth. Or at least a shot of the child who has the tooth, given that it's pretty hard to get a picture of a tooth that has just cut through the gums. Sorry, Stac. I'm behind on my photo editing, so you're just going to have to wait. (Not that you're actually still reading this, anyway - it's way too long and hasn't had a picture yet.)

Alright. I can't drag this painful first tooth post on any longer. Here's the chart, showing that B officially got his first tooth on Wednesday, October 19th, at 5 months and 26 days old.

Good night.

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Stacy W. said...

I read the whole post and was disappointed like your other smiling Bryce. We are hoping the next wordless Wednesday, again makes up for the snafu! (subtle hint)