Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Macie's 3rd Birthday

Macie's birthday was on a Saturday this year (September 10th); before I knew it, the Thursday-night-before arrived, and I realized that I didn't have anything to send to school with her the next day for a birthday treat for her class. So Dale took the girls with him to Target so that Macie could pick something out from the bakery. If I didn't have time for a homemade treat, the least we could do was let her pick something out herself, right?

They came home with these:

I DID, however, make a cake for us to have after our birthday dinner on Saturday night. I've never claimed to be much of a cake decorator. but I thought this turned out okay:

And here's the standard "Happy Birthday" song, along with the subsequent blowing out of the candles, on video:

Ready or not, here come the 3's...

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