Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Free Picture

As we walked into dinner tonight at the Giant Crab (huge Thanksgiving Day buffet - YUMMY!), Dale asked me if I'd brought the camera to commemorate the event. I hadn't. Even I, the picture-crazy woman, doesn't think it's necessary to bring the camera along just for a dinner out.

He gave me a hard time, but when we got to the front door, there was a lady there with a camera who said that the restaurant was providing a free picture to patrons as a Thanksgiving treat. Perfect!

So after our dinner, we headed to the gift shop to pick it up. They had two versions, of course. The free one, and the one you could buy for "only $10".

We weren't in the mood to pay (since we'd just been talked into Ty-brand mermaid Dora and Boots stuffed characters in the gift shop by the girls), so we took our freebie and left. It sure was nice of them to provide this service, wasn't it?

Does it change your mind when you actually see the free picture for yourself?!?

And here's my attempt to take a picture of the picture and blow it up so you can actually see us...

Thanks, Giant Crab! For, well, giving us a postage stamp by which to remember our Thanksgiving dinner.

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