Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Missouri Halloween (2010)

Ivie thought it would never come, but Halloween night finally did arrive!

We started our evening at 4p at Sarah and Tony's house for an early, pre-Trick-or-Treating dinner. By 5p, it was costume-donning time, and then we congregated in the front yard for some playing and pictures.

By 5:30p, we loaded up the cars and headed up the hill to where the madness would begin. Once out of the car, we started down the street. I'm sure our group of 15 was quite a sight!

We quickly settled into a house-by-house routine. At first, Macie rode in the wagon and only got out for about every third or fourth house. But she quickly realized she was missing out, and decided to go on foot the rest of the evening.

Some of the decorations we saw were amusing, cute, and nifty.

Others bordered on gross (but funny, nonetheless).

Back to the group pictures. As I was taking them, I realized that I was getting quite a few shots of the kids' backs. But there was no way I was going to beat them up to a house - they were on the move! Guess that's just the nature of Halloween pictures...

When we reached the end of our route, we headed back to Sarah and Tony's. You know, to check out the loot! And eat 3 pieces of candy each (for the kids, at least - I have a feeling the adults exceeded that limit!).

What a great Halloween the girls had with their cousins - it won't be one any of us will soon forget... Thanks, Andersons and Schaeperkoetters!

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