Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tub Toys

There should be a law against companies putting little holes in toys made for tub play.

Seriously. Even the joy of "squirter" toys is overtaken by the annoyance of the nasty, black crud that ultimately starts flying out with the water.

Maybe I'm supposed to actually CLEAN these things? But how, really, when the holes are so small?

Last night, the crud made an appearance in our tub. Not an odd occurrence. Generally, we figure out which toy is to blame, throw it away, and it's not a big deal. Not last night.

Ivie was the first to point out the crud to both Macie and me. It happened mid-bath, when both girls' hair was shampooed up and bodies covered in suds. I think it was Mac that was playing with the culprit at the time (either the butterfly or one of seventeen yellow duckies we have, it's still not entirely clear).

Once Macie saw it, she went crazy. That is one weird kid. I mean, one second she's a daredevil at the pool, and the next, she's afraid of little dirt pieces floating in the water? And I'm not saying that she made a big deal of it for a few seconds and then moved on after I distracted her. NOTHING was taking her mind off the crud.

"NO!!! DIRT!!! HURT ME!!!!!!!!!"

Macie. The crud is not going to hurt you.

It went on like this, with her repeating these words and trying to move around in the tub to avoid the probably 10 black floaties while I attempted to wash the soap and shampoo off of them both so that I could let Macie ESCAPE THE DANGEROUS CRUD.

In the meantime, Ivie was playing peacefully with her other toys, maybe even secretly glad that Macie was distracted and, therefore, not trying to steal her Princess Dora toy.

Until, that is, I grabbed the butterfly and the duck and threw them away. Then Ivie broke into tears.

"Not the duuuuuuck! I fouuuuuund that one. By the pool at swiiiiiimming lessons! Don't throw it awaaaaaaaay!!!!!"

Really?!? We have sixteen other ducks, Iv! And this one is somehow your favorite that you can't live without?!?

Ultimately, the duck came out of the trash and I told her I'd try to clean it. The butterfly will rest in peace.

At least I didn't have my typical struggle convincing Macie to get out of the tub.

All because of tub toys with holes. May I never purchase another one again.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I just got a pack of these as a shower gift!! I didn't know what I was in for!

Mark Nguyen said...

So Macie loves to play outside but is scared of a little dirt? Definitely a weird booger. You shouldn't have thrown the butterfly away though. Whenever you have to struggle with getting the Macster out of the tub, you should have the butterfly handy ready to toss in the tub!