Saturday, November 20, 2010

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dale and I got away for some R&R this week. On Tuesday morning, we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dale under the guise of work (since Puerto Rico is part of his southeast territory), and me mostly because of our Men's Basketball team's trip there for the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, but partly because I just needed some time away.

Quick mention that none of this would have been possible had my parents not graciously offered (although is it really considered "offering" when it involved me calling them and begging them to help us out?!?) to fly out to babysit the girls. They're awesome. But you all already know that.

Anyway, I'd love to tell you that I was Susie Sightseer and Phyllis Photographer over the week. But I wasn't. In fact, here (in words) were some of the highlights from my vacation:

1) At RDU airport Tuesday morning, I read the first line of the latest (to Lance, my book supplier, at least) James Patterson women's murder club novel, The 8th Confession. Later that afternoon, after a connection in Charlotte, as the pilot informed us that we were entering our final descent into San Juan, I read the last line.

2) Wednesday morning (while Dale was out meeting Puerto Rican orthodontists), I finished 3 of the 5 Shutterfly calendars for which I'm responsible for creating for Christmas gifts and read an entire Parenting magazine (cover to cover).

3) Thursday morning (again while Dale worked), I continued work on the other 2 calendars and didn't get out of bed until 12:30p.

4) In this awkward stage of pregnancy, when it's not entirely clear that I'm carrying a babe as opposed to just eating too many Mike & Ike's (though that, too, is probably true!), I didn't don a swimsuit a single time.

5) Friday, our last day on the island and Dale's only "day off" from work, we went to the Bacardi Rum Plant and wandered around Old San Juan. Our only sightseeing of the trip.

6) In the San Juan airport early this morning, I read the first line of the again-latest-to-paperback James Patterson Alex Cross series, "I, Alex Cross". An hour before landing at RDU after connecting in Miami, I read the last line.

7) The best part of the trip, hands-down, no debate, was driving up to our house this afternoon and seeing my parents and the girls sitting on the front porch waiting for us. And the lingering hugs and slobbery kisses that ensued. There's no place like home.

Anyway, I DID pull out the camera for our day in Old San Juan, so here are some of the pictures (with very little descriptive commentary, since I don't remember/can't spell many of the formal names of the locations, and I don't feel like looking them up - I'm still technically on vacation). I must say that I prefer taking pictures of the girls over photographing structures and scenery. In fact, there were times when Dale had to nudge me with, "That would be a good picture." I guess I had just decided to take a break from everything that exists in my "normal" life, including always having the camera at the ready!

Bacardi Rum Plant

(Isn't this a cool picture?!?)

Our lunch spot - I know you're probably surprised that I wasn't banging on the doors for local Puerto Rican fare. I'll take a BBQ cheeseburger and fries, please.

The City Sights...

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Rach L. said...

So, did you intentionally choose not to comment on the basketball games? That was quite a disappointing loss!