Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back to the New River

Year 2 of the Herman Fourth of July tradition of spending the holiday at the New River in Boone, NC, with Dale's mom, Emma Jean, his brother, Doug, and Doug's family, Jennifer, Luke, and Rod. Also joining us, again, were many members of Jennifer's family.

The bottle float made another appearance. And, yes, Ivie still thinks it's honey.

There was no fishing this year for Ivie (and she was quite disappointed). But we DID (against my better mom judgment) let her swing on the "big kid swing", which appeased her.

Before I gave in, though, I had Dale test it out. He's scared of heights, so I was sort of surprised that he did it...

And I was even more surprise that I gave in to his "encouragement" (read - goading) to check it out, myself! I'm not scared of heights. But I'm not a fan of doing things that are in the least bit dangerous. I mean, what if the rope had split, or something? Go ahead, call me a scaredy-cat. I've come to accept that about myself...

But since I was out there "on a limb", I thought I'd make some good faces for the camera, at least!

So, anyway, the rest of the day was spent just lounging around. At the badminton court, on the hammock, under the tents, in the floats.

Dale and Ivie took an hour-and-a-half float down the river, during which Dale pretty much had to walk the whole time because the river wasn't really "flowing". Macie snagged a short nap (the duration of which I'm unsure, since I dozed off myself!) in the camper, and then was pretty happy just hanging out with the adults. Looking cute and making for a good photo subject... Oh, and snacking on pretzels.

Another great holiday with family. Thanks for hosting the party, Herman clan!

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