Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Quoter

We went grocery shopping at Target this morning before church (still trying to get used to our church switching to only one service during the summer, held at 10:25a - LATE for us!).

We entered the store at the produce section, and Dale mentioned that he had a "$1 off" Target coupon for "berries". I asked him if strawberries counted, he said yes, so I ventured in that direction, pushing Ivie (Dale had Macie's cart).

When I got to the strawberries, I exclaimed, "Oh, good, they're on sale, too!". (Gotta love a bargain!)

To which Ivie responded:

"It's on sale? I'm gonna get on the bottom of this. I'm gonna get on the bottom of ALL OF THIS."

I'd never heard her say this before, so it took me a while. But then I almost fell over laughing.

Does anyone know the movie she quoted? I couldn't find it on YouTube, so I just filmed it myself with our Flip. She didn't do half-bad with her quote - only got one word wrong!

I'm still laughing at the randomness of it...


Trish said...

Ahahahahahahaha - nice one, Ivie! : )

Mark Nguyen said...

I think we need video proof, please. Surely Ivie wouldn't mind repeating her lines.