Thursday, July 8, 2010

Her Last Day

I can't believe it's over. Amanda's been here for 7 weeks, and she's leaving tomorrow. The Hermans are officially in denial.

I know it's crazy, but we didn't do a "photo shoot" with Amanda and the girls the entire time she was here. So tonight, on her last night, we gave it a shot.

As you'll see, it didn't turn out as we'd hoped. Macie, particularly, was "done". School continues to wear her out on a daily basis, so getting her cooperation after 5p is no easy task. And we pretty much failed at it tonight.

So this is more of a photo shoot of hilarity than anything else. But it's the best we could do!

We'll miss you, Amanda. Thanks for spending your summer with us! You can come back any time. Just to hang out. And wash sippy cups, of course.

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