Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Morning Routine

The last 6 work days for me have been, well, trying. Although I slept in my own bed every night, I didn't see the girls in the morning at all last week, as I left for work before they woke up.

Which means that Dale was in charge of the morning get-ready-for-school chaos.

I've written before about it not taking long for Ivie to learn that Dale is more easily swayed from our routine of eating a fruit cup for breakfast before moving on to the more carb-heavy-and-less-healthy items, like Pop-Tarts (as a side note, while looking for the blog post to link above, I did a blog word search for "pop-tart". You don't even want to know how many of my posts include that word. It's unacceptable, really.). And while Dale and I never specifically discussed it last week, each time I talked to him and asked him how the girls had been, he regularly answered "They were great! Angels!". So I surmised that he must have been giving in to some of their demands.

Fast-forward to this morning. Dale had to leave the house early, so I had morning duty to myself.

Here is what I had on the table for them when they both came downstairs:

And these are the reactions I received from our "angels":

Accompanying these very sad faces were the following comments:

"Where is Daddy?"


"I don't waaaaaant fruit!"

"You're being MEAN, Mommy."

And, finally, as if they just couldn't keep it to themselves any more:


Guess you better work on making sure the girls don't rat you out, Dale...


Megan said...

This is the best post ever! The girls will appreciate this someday!

Stacy W. said...

dale was always my favorite housemate too! (great photos!) love ya, amos!

Mark Nguyen said...

"as if they just couldn't...?"

you can just say ivie, you know. (unless the macster is actually formulating sentences now.) :-)

Trish said...

Misery loves company! : )

Melissa P. said...

Hope both there are more smiles soon on the work-front and home-front! (Thinking of you with the newspaper articles!)