Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Party Central

Today was a day of birthday parties for the Herman girls. Many thanks to Nina and Papa for being the stay-at-home-with-the-non-partying-kiddo crew today.

For Ivie, her friend, Violet, celebrated her 4th birthday at Monkey Joe's...

... and Macie went to her very first birthday party for a school classmate. Or, in this case, two, with twin brothers, Nicholas (with the boo-boo on his forehead) and Anthony celebrating the big number 2.

Ivie loves bounce houses. Today was no different.

Her main partners-in-crime were Violet and Kenzie, as they giggled and ran from one slide to another. Her buddy Samuel was there, too, as was Caroline (not pictured). And, just because it was too cute of a picture to leave out, Caroline's mommy, Kristie, and her 4-month old baby boy, Baylen.

Can you tell Ivie had fun?!?

Meanwhile, Macie skipped the bounce house this morning so she could be well-rested for her solo birthday party debut. Meaning the first one she's been to without her sister being along!

While she missed Ivie (she asked "Where's Ibie?" about 15 times), she, too, had fun playing with toys other than her own. Oh, and eating strawberries.

I don't think I've had reason to mention it here before, but Macie is scared of dogs. Each time we visit the Devers, poor Hogan has to get locked upstairs. And today, Nicholas and Anthony's dog met the same fate during the party. But not until Macie had spotted her. Which meant that she spent the entire party pointing at the stairs, scrunching up her face, and saying, "Ruff?" in a concerned voice.

Like this:

But all-in-all, she was a pretty happy camper. SUCCESS at her first party! Many more to come, I'm sure!

Mommy, for one, will sleep good tonight...

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